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FRC 4728

The 21-22 Game is "rapid react" presented by Boeing

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The first of two FIRST Robotics regional competitions occurred March 4th and 5th in Duluth for the ROCORI Ratcheteers (4728) Robotics team.  The Ratcheteers competed against 58 teams, was ranked 9th in qualifications, making it into the playoffs.  They joined an alliance with Dassel Cokato Chargers (5348) and Iowa City Children of the Corn (167), winning through the quarterfinals.  During the semifinals both 5348 and 167 sustained heavy damage from defense robots preventing the alliance from getting to the finals. The Ratcheteers won the Creativity Award for its unique way of climbing to the traversal bar. 

FIRST Robotics teams are given six weeks to design, build and program their industrial-sized 125-pound robot per the release early January. The Ratcheteers CAD, CAM and CNC the entire robot at the High School’s Metal Shop and use the school’s computer lab to program using Java code.  The FIRST Robotics culture is built around “Gracious Professionalism” and “Coopertition”.  The 36 top ranked FIRST robotics teams qualify for the Minnesota State High School League (MSHL) Robotics Tournament held May 7th at Williams Arena. Students not only learn automation and engineering but qualify for over 80 million dollars in scholarships and can earn a letter in robotics from the MSHL.

Climbing to Traverse at Lake Superior Regional

state Tournament

9th -12th grade ROCORI students interested in learning engineering and automation can join ROCORI FIRST Robotics by emailing frc4728@gmail.com or by attending a practice after school in the Rocori Metal shop (Room C-180).

FIRST Robotics has

80 Million dollars in scholarships


MSHL lettering opportunities. 

Testing 4 Ball High Goal Autonomous in the ROCORI  High School Robotics Room 

Focused Learning Opportunities

ROCORI FIRST Robotics is trusted by students and parents to provide a learning opportunity focused on Industrial Technology, Mechanical Drafting and Design, Advanced Machining/ Fabrication, Computer Technology, Electrical Technology, Graphical Design, and Business.