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7th -12th grade ROCORI students interested in participating in FIRST Robotics can join our team by emailing, filling out the google form above, or by attending a practice after school - Monday through Friday - in the ROCORI Metal shop (Room C-180).

Interested in Sponsoring Us?

Or email us at

About Us

We design and build a 125-pound robot within the span of 6 weeks and then compete at events. Skills used include: building, designing, marketing, media, photography, and much more.

Lake Superior Event in Duluth

The 2023 Game is "Charged up" presented by HaaS

Climbing to Traversal bar at Lake Superior RegionaL (2022)

Focused Learning Opportunities

ROCORI FIRST Robotics is trusted by students and parents to provide a learning opportunity focused on Industrial Technology, Mechanical Drafting and Design, Advanced Machining/ Fabrication, Computer Technology, Electrical Technology, Graphical Design, and Business.

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