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Focused Learning Opportunities

Industrial Technology

Creative and technically proficient students design and build a drivetrain and manipulator components that are fast, simple, and efficient.      

Mechanical Drafting and Design

Students gain hands on experience in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).

Advanced Machining/Fabrication

CNC machining aluminum tubing, flat bar and sheet gives students real-world experience.  Both CNC router spindle and plasma cutting are used.  Students may get a chance to learn AC TIG.

Computer Technology

Combining the hardware of computers and other devices with language-based software (JAVA), students learn both networking and programing. 

Electrical Technology

Student’s design, build and troubleshoot electronic circuits.

Graphical Design

Visual content using Adobe Illustrator is created for website, posters, letters, presentations, and banners to communicate the team’s message.


Students get exposed to finance, accounting, advertising, marketing, and human resources as they gain experience running small and large group meetings.

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