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Getting Back Into the Swing of Things With Offseason Events

On Saturday, September 24th the team travelled to East Ridge high school in Woodbury to attend the EMCC (East Metro Collaborative Competition) offseason event. The main goals of this event were to have fun, switch things up, and get into the groove of this years robotics season. Team members all had the opportunity to preform tasks they usually don't do, such as driver, technician, etc. Overall, everything went well and it is clear that everyone has their respective jobs for a reason... they are good at it!

We have one more offseason event on October 29th in Alexandria where we hope to have new members to try out being on our team. These events are a great way to experience the logistics of an event without all of the chaos and stress!

Pictured is Liam Zenner taking his turn at driving tipsy while Zach Reitmeier and Caleb Donat set up the field placement. (Photo taken by Cal Athmann, attempting to play the role of drive coach).

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