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  • Jay Femrite

Making A T-shirt Isn't As Hard As It Looks

The ROCORI Ratcheteers designed and printed our very own team shirts for this year's season. Jonah worked tirelessly to understand the operation of ROCORI's very own screen printer. He faced many issues during this process but ultimately mastered the art of printing. Jonah led the team through the shirt making process and by the end of the night, we successfully produced eight ROCORI Ratcheteer t-shirts.

First, we applied three coats of black Plastisol ink, a thick substance which we smear across the emulsion screen. This creates the ratchet shape. Our next layer was the red section of the Rs. To finish our printing process off, we added the white section of the Rs and 4728 beneath our design.

This was ultimately an excellent learning opportunity and group activity for the ROCORI Ratcheteers!

"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much."
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