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  • Jay Femrite

ROCORI FIRST Robotics Team Headed to State Tournament

The ROCORI FIRST Robotics team 4728 qualified for the MSHSL state tournament on May 7th, 2022, at Williams Arena on the University of Minnesota Campus! After many weeks of exhausting work and tiring competitions, their hard work paid off. 36 teams from the state are chosen based on how well their robot performed at regional competitions. The team is currently ranked 12th in state and hope to show off their stunning robot one final time before the season ends. The game will effectively run the same way it has for the past two events the team competed at, but it will all be crammed into one day instead of three! Rapid React is the name of the game and the robots main two goals are to shoot 9-inch diameter tennis balls into either a high goal (worth 2 points) or the low goal (worth 1 point) and participate in “End Game” which is the last 30 seconds of the match where the team must climb a set of ascending monkey bars (worth between 4 and 15 points). All of this occurs in a span of 2 minutes and 15 seconds after autonomous (which lasts 15 seconds) where the driver is not in control of the robot and the robot completes its tasks only via programming. Wish the group luck at the event and keep an eye on their progress as they continue to grow and become an even more amazing team!

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