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ROCORI FIRST Robotics Team Wins MSHSL State Tournament

On May 6th, 2023, the ROCORI FIRST Robotics team accomplished a goal we have been working towards for many years now- winning an event. At the end of Qualification matches, we were ranked 6 with a record of 4 wins and 4 losses. During alliance selection the captain of alliance #3, team 2847 The MegaHertz, chose us to join their alliance as their first pick. Team 5348 Charger Robotics then joined us as a second pick. We both accepted and shortly began playoffs. In our first match we defeated the #2 alliance 176 to 165. We then lost to the #4 alliance 169 to 173 before we went on to challenge the #1 alliance where we won by one point (185 to 184). This brought us to finals where we faced off against the #4 alliance. Winning the first match and losing the second led us to a nail-biting finals tie-breaker where we won 166-153. Pictured below is our winning alliance: 5348, 2847, and 4728 (left to right).

As a student of ROCORI's first robotics team I can guarantee that we could not have accomplished any of this without the assistance of our coaches (Jay Femrite and Riley Donat), mentors (Ryan Dockendorf, Carter Donat, and Butch Donat), and parents.

Top Row (left to right): Carter Donat, Riley Donat, Silas Ruffi, Caleb Donat, Liam Zenner, Jay Femrite. Bottom Row (left to right): Ryan Dockendorf, Zach Reitmeier, Cal Athmann, Butch Donat

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