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ROCORI Varsity Robotics Preseason Training

First Robotics will begin Pre-Season meetings every Tuesday in the metal shop after school until 6:00, starting Tuesday September 12. We will learn CAD, CAM and CNC, manipulator design and Java Programming. We will put together several small robots for fun and learn to drive last year's Competition Robot for pre-season competitions.


Homecoming parade Sept. 29th (build and drive parade robot)

Conference Championship Tournament Oct 14th (drive competition robot)

Minni Minne-Tournament Nov 18th (drive competition robot)

Jump Start Dec 2nd (learn how to design and build next year's competition robot)

Kick Off Jan 6th (learn about the 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition and start 6 week build)

TBD: regionals, championships, MSHL state tournament (see calendar).

Last year’s team consisted of all seniors so this year we are building the team from all new students! It will be fun to have everyone learning and growing together!

Please reach out with any questions - I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Jay Femrite

320 761 4827

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